Don’t Question My Patriotism!

How often do we hear the left scream the above while they are denigrating the efforts in fighting Terrorism Iraq? I hear it so often it makes me wonder, why not? Does the left feel they are somehow above reproach? Can they even be said to be Patriots when they seem to be going out of their way to bring down an administration by not supporting the current war we are fighting and trying to quell the efforts of the terrorists that have wreaked havoc around the world and in Iraq?


Let’s see just what is Patriotism. pa·tri·ot·ism (p³“tr-t¹z”…m) n. Love of and devotion to one’s country. (American Heritage Dictionary)


Love of and devotion to one’s country makes sense to me. Can we honestly say it is loving to be fabricating reasons to undermine the efforts to stop worldwide terrorism? I can’t. Is it devotion to our country to be sending support to our enemies, even if indirectly? I don’t think so.


A while back, Hillary Clinton, (D. New York) literally screamed, “We have the right to debate and question any administration.” Somehow, this proves her Patriotism, I guess. But, when it was her husbands administration being debated and questioned, wasn’t it she who stated it was all just a “Vast Right Winged Conspiracy?” Did the public and the other party not also have that right to debate and question the administration she so eloquently described once, as “we are the President.” We?


John Kerry also makes claims that he too is a Patriot and brags about being a War Hero, for his antics in the short 4 months he spent in Viet Nam, then bugged out by receiving some rather questionable Purple Hearts, which he claimed to have thrown away in 1971 at a protest, but which are prominently displayed on his walls today. Was it Patriotic to undermine our efforts at blocking the spread of Communism in Viet Nam by claiming we that served there were monsters, murdering hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese each year and by secretly meeting with the enemies delegation in Paris, without any authority, while still a member of the US Navy?


He too seems to be falling into lock step with the looney left today, saying Bush misled him on pre-war intelligence. However, that doesn’t explain the remarks made by Mr. Kerry on November 9, 1997, to the Senate when it was he claiming all these WMDs were in Iraq and that Saddam Hussein needed dealt with harshly. From his speech then, if what he says today was misleading intelligence, who gets the blame for misleading him in 1997, when he was stating exactly the same warnings of Iraq that Bush said in the lead up to the war?


I’m sorry, but I can’t call it Patriotism to allow politicians to undermine a war effort while we have men and won still in harm’s way. “I support the troops, but not the war,” is a bunch of feel-good hogwash invented by the left to try and soothe their guilty consciences over how they treated us returning Viet Nam Veterans, much reinforced by the lies told by John Kerry and the likes of Hanoi Jane Fonda. Their conduct wasn’t Patriotism; it was treasonous, in my opinion.


Another so called patriot, Earl Blumenauer, D. Or. Came out today saying our troops have accomplished their mission and need to be immediately withdrawn. That is not and cannot be in the best interests of the country, Iraq’s or ours.


Iraq is now a fledgling democracy, still getting on their own two feet, so to speak. To abandon them now, much like these same looney leftists caused in Viet Nam, opens up Iraq be taken over by another Taliban type dictator or another Saddam Hussein, which will further de-stabilize the region and in the long run, cause great harm to America. Can it be Patriotism to wish to see our troops that paid the ultimate sacrifice marginalized by cutting and running again and allowing possible one of the few friendly nations we may have in the Middle East to fail before it even gets started? No.


If withdrawing troops after their job is done, as Blumenauer says is the right thing to do, why does he not call for the immediate withdrawal of all troops in Germany? They’ve been there for over 60 years now. Why not withdraw all troops from South Korea? They have been there for nearly 40 years and still receive hazardous duty pay when assigned there. Clinton told us our troops would home from Bosnia by Christmas 1998. Our troops are still there today, 7 years later, and yet, these “Patriots” do not demand their withdrawal.


We have every right as citizens who vote for and elect these representatives, to question their Patriotism, especially when their version of Patriotism will do nothing more than bring harm to our country. In simpler terms, how can one love and be devoted to one’s country yet try so hard to make it a former shadow of itself?  Don’t be fooled. These people are not Patriots; they are Socialists trying to wrap themselves in a flag they would just as soon burn.





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