Pink License Plates

Recently, Florida, the state I was born and raised in, announced they were thinking of making all convicted sex offenders have pink license plates on their cars in an effort to identify them and prevent them from harming others sexually again.

How utterly ridiculous! Of all the lame brained feel good bullshit the left has ever come up with, this one takes the cake. Let’s look at why,

1. If they are out of jail and in the community, they have friends and family who would undoubtedly loan them a car, if they asked. Therefore, the pink plate stays at home and the predator is driving around freely, unmarked.

What if someone borrows the marked vehicle from the perp? Will they been seen and now become identified as a predator too and cause social harm to an innocent person? What if they picked up someone who was broke down along the road and someone else saw them in the car and now identified them as predators too?

What about those wrongfully convicted who served their time and are not a threat? Some cannot prove their innocence and must pay for a lie their entire life.

2. If they are a risk to society and need marked, why in the hell are they out of jail?

3. Nazis tried this in an effort to subjugate the Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other ‘malcontents’ prior to and during WW2. Are we adopting Nazi attitudes in hopes of helping us lower crimes?

4. Once we start marking, who is next? Do we require smokers to have red plates? Christians to have green? Conservatives Blue and Liberals yellow? Where does it end once it starts?

5. Returning to number 2, and the most important, if these people are deemed a danger, why release them back into society in the first place? If they are dangerous enough to warrant being marked, shouldn’t they be confined somewhere they will cause no harm?

Call me hard core, but I feel if one is released and declared cured, which is silly since they are incurable, and does harm another person, automatic death penalty in a painful and rapid manner, end of story!

Letting one know he will be put to death in a heinous and rapid manner will do a lot more to discourage them than giving them pink license plates, I feel.

Now, to keep the ACLU out of it once one is sentenced to death.




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