Shameless Democrats

Ever since President Bush won the election in 2000 we have heard and seen Democrats pulling any and every stunt they can to delegitimize this Presidency and hopefully end the Republican power in our government. Democrats can’t seem to be able to handle they aren’t the representatives of American values as they thought.


In their efforts lately, we have them now attacking and down right lying about why and how we went to war in Iraq. Among attacks being said, we hear;


"The Bush administration misrepresented and distorted the intelligence to justify a war that America should never have fought." Ted Kennedy

"We all know the Vice President’s office was the nerve center of an operation designed to sell the war and discredit those who challenged it. … The manipulation of intelligence to sell the war in Iraq…the Vice President is behind that." Harry Reid

"I seconded the motion Sen. Harry Reid made last week. Republicans in Congress have refused, despite repeated promises, to investigate the Bush administration’s misuse of pre-war intelligence, so Senate Democrats are standing up and demanding the truth." Dick Durbin (who not too long ago compared our troops in harms way to Nazis and Pol Pot)


Prior to our invasion of Iraq, these same Democrats and others were singing a different tune, in their effort to actually try to appear tough on the terrorists they have been soft on for 30 years. What a difference losing an election can make on these shameless politicians.


Harry Reid: "The problem is not nuclear testing; it is nuclear weapons. … The number of Third World countries with nuclear capabilities seems to grow daily. Saddam Hussein’s near success with developing a nuclear weapon should be an eye-opener for us all."

Ted Kennedy: "We have known for many years that Saddam Hussein is seeking and developing weapons of mass destruction."

Dick Durbin: "One of the most compelling threats we in this country face today is the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Threat assessments regularly warn us of the possibility that…Iraq…may acquire or develop nuclear weapons."


Today, when confronted with these past statements, they cry, “we were misled.” Does anyone actually think these Democrats were lied to or misled? Are we to believe that Congress gets different intelligence than does the President? How naïve do they think the American Public is?


To this end, I direct you to the purpose of the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence:


Created pursuant to S.Res. 400, 94th Congress: to oversee and make continuing studies of the intelligence activities and programs of the United States Government, and to submit to the Senate appropriate proposals for legislation and report to the Senate concerning such intelligence activities and programs. In carrying out this purpose, the Select Committee on Intelligence shall make every effort to assure that the appropriate departments and agencies of the United States provide informed and timely intelligence necessary for the executive and legislative branches to make sound decisions affecting the security and vital interests of the Nation. It is further the purpose of this resolution to provide vigilant legislative oversight over the intelligence activities of the United States to assure that such activities are in conformity with the Constitution and laws of the United States.


Maybe some whiny Democrats should read their reposnsibilities before mouthing off to bash Bush?


During the Clinton Administration, the same intelligence was issued to him and the same Congressmen who stated similar words several times over that Administration. In fact, on November 7, 1997, Senator John “F”in Kerry, the big loser of the last Presidential election, who seems to feel he needs to still campaign, made a speech on the floor of the Senate titled, “We Must Be Firm With Saddam Hussein," three years before Bush even became President.


Not long after, Saddam kicked out all the UN Weapons Inspectors, after give them the song and dance over their whereabouts and possible destruction. Over the 12 years between the cease fire of the First Gulf War and the last invasion of Iraq, the Clinton Administration ended up firing Cruise and Tomahawk missiles into Iraq, hitting dubious targets at best with no indication of destroying and Weapons of Mass Destruction, but killing some janitors that may have been on duty at some of the buildings targeted that were closed for the night.


During this same time period, the UN issued 17 resolutions for the Saddam Hussein regime to comply with on ending his quest for nuclear and chemical weaponry and destroying the stockpiles virtually the entire world claimed he had. Evidence of their destruction has never been forthcoming and to the date of the invasion, Saddam remained firm that he would use them against our troops. Obviously, he was firmly convinced they existed or was a fool for standing against the American superior forces poised to invade. In fact, best I can remember, much of the anti-war rhetoric stated just prior to that invasion would be his using those WMDs against our military and poisoning the region. Now, conveniently, these same people state, “they never existed.”


Several sites have listed several prominent Democrat statements also claiming that WMDs existed and their support for the Iraq War, so no need for me to repeat them. They include Kennedy, Kerry, Clinton (both of them), Leiberman, Levin and several others. Now, we are supposed to believe a newly installed President suddenly misled these career politicians? Does this mean the Senate Intelligence Committee is useless as they wish us to believe they only act on what they have been told by the President? Aren’t these the same ones who rallied behind intelligence justifying the bombings of the Balkans and Iraq under the previous Administration? I see it as the same intelligence from the same CIA through a different President, a Democrat. Are they crying that Clinton misled them with the same intelligence from the same people? No.


To me, this is nothing more than a shameless power grab by Democrats who have no ideas for our future or for the War on Terror, just hateful rhetoric against the current Republican Administration.


Consider what has been found in Iraq and remains unreported by Democrats and their willing cronies in the Leftstream Media;

1.77 metric tons of enriched uranium

1,500 gallons of chemical weapons agents

Chemical warheads containing cyclosarin (a nerve agent five times more deadly than sarin gas)

Over 1,000 radioactive materials in powdered form meant for dispersal over populated areas.


This is a partial list and it may not be the stockpiles expected, but they are WMDs none the same. What else has been discovered, along with a full nuclear program capable of short restart being found buried beneath an Iraqi Scientists garden, has been outlined in a book, “DISINFORMATION, 22 Media Myths That Undermine the War on Terror,” by Richard Miniter. The real question shouldn’t be "why no WMDs," but rather, "where did they go?"


Be you Liberal or Conservative, don’t fall for this latest shameless act of the Democrat Party. President Bush did not mislead any one, as he was dependent upon the very same intelligence left over by the Clinton Administration. Not having the 20/20 hindsight we have today, he would have been totally irresponsible to ignore that intelligence after the attacks of September 11, 2001. Saddam was a threat with known ties to terrorists, even if not directly related to 9/11. We could not take the chance on the WMDs falling into the hands of the terrorists for an even graver attack against our people. Bush acted responsibly, as did the Democrats when they supported him then.


The irresponsible acts are now those Democrats rewriting history as to why this battle of Iraq in the War on Terror was initiated and carried out. Don’t be misled. It is these rabid Democrats who are engaging in misleading statements to undermine the President and retake control and power of the Government by giving the appearance of them being against the war all along, now that they feel the anti-war crowd is the majority. In the meantime, this shameless rhetoric will result in the sacrifice of even more American Military and Iraqi lives fighting an emboldened enemy, emboldened by the anti-war rhetoric of these shameless Democrats.


America deserves better and the Republicans better wake up and support this War on Terror and stand firm against this shameless power grab by unscrupulous Democrats.



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