People’s Republic of San Francisco

By now we all should know about the vote outcome recently in San Francisco. They passed a prohibitive handgun ordinance and have passed another opposing the presence of Military Recruiters on High School and College campuses. Let’s look at these a bit and see just what follies have been passed by these people.


Handgun Ban


Banning ownership, possession or manufacturing of handguns and ammunition in the city will accomplish what? They feel that if they prohibit handguns, murder rates will go down. Nothing could be further from the truth. Time and time again, it has been proven that guns in the hands of law-abiding reasonable people lower crimes rates not increase them.


Criminals do not purchase guns openly in registered and licensed gun stores. They either steal them or buy them from underworld sources and they do not turn them in because the city says so. The only ones turning them in will be the innocent citizens who are now the open prey of gangs and other criminals that will retain theirs. Citizens will have no cohesive means to defend themselves from intruders, rapists, robbers and other criminals. Criminals already ignore the law to ply their trade. Why would they suddenly turn legal and follow the law that would strip them of their strength?


It is often said that if you have the time to pick up a gun, you have time to call the police. This is true, but what are you supposed to do during the 10 to 30 minute wait for the Police to arrive? Ask the criminal to take a coffee break and wait too? A very unlikely scenario, don’t you think?


The second amendment of our Constitution grants us all the right to bear arms and barring outright stupidity or felonious activity; that is a right we all need to hold dear. Not everyone wants a gun and that is his or her right and privilege. Free choice. But, those of us that are responsible and have been trained in the safety and handling of firearms have the unfettered right to obtain and bear these arms as we see fit.


I fear San Francisco is now a city of easy prey and matters are now in the hands of the emboldened criminal element that will keep their guns.


Banning Military Recruiters


This was billed as the “College no Combat” proposition and passed easily. Again, what are these people thinking? Do they feel the Military is unnecessary now? Maybe they feel it is the responsibility of the rest of us to supply recruits to protect them and their rights also?


Joining the Military is voluntary today, no draft, like when I served.  It is ever persons right to either join and serve, or not, again, their choice. This bill strips the young of their right to hear or see what the Military has to offer. Many people have gone through the Military and came out better people, having learned discipline, toned their mind and bodies, got to travel and see the world and the majority of them never serve in combat.


Our Armed Services have a long history of Honor and Duty to the country and no one should be denied the opportunity to serve, provided they qualify. Currently we are deeply involved in the War on Terror, seeking to stop terrorist in their tracks and prevent another incidence of thousands of our citizens being slaughtered at the hands of these terrorists again. Iraq is but another battle in this war, but I won’t address that at this time. We need well-qualified individuals to man the computer systems, maintain the vehicles and aircraft and supply the combat troops with the tools of their trade as well as keep them fed and to tend to the wounded. Like I said above, most troops end up in a support capacity behind the combat troops. They are as much needed, as are the combat troops.


After Military Service, many go on to bigger and better matters, returning to school and finishing their education, some to be Doctors and Lawyers, some to be Corporate Chiefs. Some just to work Blue Collar jobs. Some make a career out of the Military and yes, some either return wounded or not at all. But, the vast majority return unscathed, other than a new appreciation for the freedoms we all take for granted today.


But, the people of San Francisco have spoke, they don’t wish to allow recruiters on campuses to allow their young free choice of careers. In fact, according to Bob Matthews, a College not Combat activist, He seems to hope this bill will “put pressure on the government to someday institute an actual ban on campus Military recruiting.” What I forgot to mention above is that this Measure does not ban the Armed Forces from seeking enlistees at city campuses, as that “would put schools at risk of losing federal funding.” Seems free tax dollars may take precedence over their deep-seated hatred of the Military, at least, so far.


Since they have passed this measure by popular vote, I feel it is the duty and responsibility of the Armed Forces to comply with the wishes of the people of San Francisco. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld should immediately announce the entire city of San Francisco OFF LIMITS to all Military personnel. The Naval Air Station and Naval base there should be immediately relocated elsewhere. Fleet Week should be redirected to a community that appreciates the sacrifices of the Military. Close any and every Military base anywhere near there and relocate them where better suited. Of course, a down side could occur when another earthquake levels the city. Since Military presence performing heroic rescues and service to the city could be seen as honorable and could put the idea in a young persons head that serving our country is a good way of life, thereby encouraging them to enlist, the city will have to fend for itself. Surely they can’t expect the Military to come to their rescue and mislead a few youths, can they?


I feel very sorry for San Francisco. These two measures will surely come back to bite them in their swishing butts. All the pot in the world won’t save them as criminals take over the city and there is no one to come to their rescue.


Sure glad I don’t live anywhere near San Francisco.




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