Ignorance in Voting or, Where’s America?

I guess the smoke Nazis can feel proud now, their ban on smoking in businesses and other public places is passing by a 2/3 margin. Business owners just lost all of their rights in the State of Washington and the manufacturers of Nicitrol and Nicorette will have increased sales, since they helped financed the Initiative.


Of course, soon now we will be given the “choice” of legalizing “Medical Marijuana.” The fact that pot smokers are 50% to 70% more likely to get lung cancer from marijuana doesn’t even enter the picture. Remember, the smoke Nazis are concerned for our health!


Where did America go? What happened to it? Parents have lost the freedom to raise their own children with their values. Dogs are permitted in food stores and other businesses, as long as the one with the dog says they are disabled and the dog is a “Service Animal.” Our Pledge of Allegiance is declared “unconstitutional” because of two words constitutionally added some 50 years ago, homes can be arbitrarily taken from home owners so the city may sell them to a developer for a hope of more taxes, children may be given school tests on sexual matters without the parents being informed, 13 year olds may be taken for abortions without any parental consent, public figures are indicted for lying about and covering up crimes that weren’t committed and the list just goes on and on.


This isn’t the America I left to fight for in 1969. Sometime during my absence, the country left and hasn’t returned. Did the longhaired anti-establishment dope-smoking hippies succeed in taking over the country? It would appear so. It used to be honorable to be a Soldier, Airman, Sailor or Marine, but it doesn’t seem like it today. The media can’t seem to wait to denigrate the efforts of our Military in the War on terror.


Aren’t these the same people that sport “QUESTION AUTHORITY” bumper stickers on their cars? My guess is you better not question their authority by lighting a cigarette or cigar in your own privately owned business. Fines, banishment, whatever, and it’s their authority that matters, you’d better not question it. They can’t be content to live their lives their way, we all must live by their lack of values.


And now, we can add to that ever lengthening list of freedoms lost that business owners may not decide for themselves if they will allow smoking within their privately owned establishments. I guess placing a sign on the door as to whether or not the establishment allows smoking or not was too easy for the control freak smoke Nazis.


So, what next? Who do they attack next? McDonalds? Burger King? Why not Starbucks? Caffeine is addictive also and over indulgence isn’t good for you, either. What about perfumes and colognes? I think they stink to high heaven and some people are allergic to them also. Will they be banned now? What about cars and trucks spewing smoke from the exhaust?


More importantly, what about tax revenues? Who will make up the lost tax revenues to the state since banning smoking in businesses and workplaces will result in lower tobacco sales and fewer taxes collected? Will the control freak smoke Nazis be willing to raise their taxes or put a dollar a cup tax on their Starbucks? I’d like to say no they won’t, but these same morons are also voting to keep the 9.5 cents a gallon increase in taxes on gas. Of course, they already voted down a tax of ten cents a cup on Starbucks Coffee in King County.


Sadly, this will hurt the very few businesses that have allowed smoking and will drive people to our nearby Indian Reservations for their clubs and Casino’s, since this State Law won’t apply to them. Come to think of it, I’d rather give them my money anyway; they haven’t ever stuck it to me in the rear over this type of crap.


As I’ve said before, with the looney left constantly getting their controling ways over us all, pretty soon, the only choice we will have left is to slaughter our unborn children.


Wait for the backlash that is coming, it’s going to be a doozey.




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