While Paris Burns

We’ve all been seeing the riots in Paris, France and the media has finally stated they are due to unrest within the immigrant community of Muslims and North Africans. Supposedly, they were caused by two Islamic teens fleeing the police, due to the police desiring to see some identification, and running into an electrical power station and being electrocuted to death.


While this might have angered a few immigrants, it does not seem to justify over a week of rioting and burning of over a thousand cars and unknown number of shops.


What I fail to understand is why the French Government doesn’t apply their view of "hands off" on these immigrants and allow them self-governance, like they demanded Bush do with Iraq. Why should the French Government "occupy" sections of Paris, against the will of the immigrant community? Shouldn’t what’s "good for the goose is good for the gander" apply here?


Sadly, I feel the French Government is merely reaping what they sown by allowing the liberal viewpoint of everything is okay to prevail. The acceptance of a liberal immigration policy has come home to roost and the French people are paying for Chirac’s misguided judgment.


Community leaders are now calling for a "dialogue" to end the social unrest. Had they committed to a "dialogue" with a strong response 10 days ago, the whole matter might be resolved by now. Bravado of throwing Molotov cocktails and rocks at the Police and burning cars and businesses seem to wane confronted with the business end of either an M-16 or other Military style assault rifle.


It’s my hope that people around the globe will wake up and see that this ‘war on terrorism’ isn’t restricted to either Afghanistan or Iraq, it’s a world wide war against the prospects of world domination by radical Islamifascists.


Deal with them now or deal with them later, after their strength has increased ten-fold, but this minority of radical Islamists will have to be dealt with and strongly.


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