I-901 Washington State Smoking Ban

Washington State, my state of residence, has an initiative, I-901, on the ballot banning smoking virtually everywhere within the state. Bars, private clubs, public buildings and such will not be allowed to let customers light up. If your private home is also a business open to the public, you may not light up within your own home, if I-901 passes!


Smoking would also be banned within vehicles, supposedly used for public use. It has become known also that if your vehicle is within 25 feet of a businesses entrance, you may not be able to light up within your private vehicle as well.


The anti-smoking police dearly love this initiative as they think it is their right to never have to smell it or see it. To a point, I support this and feel most smokers already go out of their way to avoid non-smokers. To many non-smokers, this is unacceptable and they will go out of their way to walk next to the smoker and complain, instead of walking a straight line away from the smoker. Is there a reason non-smokers can’t just go to another business that caters to non-smokers?


At the same time, we have the state taxing tobacco heavily, claiming they need this tax money for public use. As tax hungry as Washington State is, do they think they will still receive all this tax money while banning the use of the LEGAL product?


I see this as just another Liberal Control issue, telling others what they may and may not do. Shouldn’t it be left to business owners if they wish to allow smoking and cater to that crowd and non-smokers simply go elsewhere? Is that just too easy?


I could have sworn that I was born and raised in America and still live there. Where are our freedoms going? It isn’t the Patriot Act stealing freedom it’s Liberals who feel they can live our lives better than we can.


If Liberals keep getting their way in controlling all of us, pretty soon the only choice left will be to kill the unborn child!




2 Responses to “I-901 Washington State Smoking Ban”

  1. Liz Says:

    Isn\’t Washington State amongst the states, namely Oregon that allows lap dances? It seems to me that in the liberals zeal to want to tell us how to live they forgot one thing, we do not live forever. All the power, all the money, all the nit picking, all the sorted lap dances, along with smokers will all fade away. If you are correct, and that all that will be left is to kill unborn babies, there will be no future because the liberals will have killed our future off along with all the other liberties we once shared under our constitution will be taken away. I am glad I will not be here, but then none of us will.

  2. LEW Says:

    Only Oregon has legalized and court protected "live sex acts," so far. Doing a bit of digging last night, I was shocked to see some Pharmacuetical Companies, namely ones that make Nicotine Alternative methods, heavily backing this initiative, financially. Couldn\’t be because they feel that if smoking is banned everywhere, they can then sell more $53 packs of Nicorete, could it?Choice seems to be something else the left is slowly removing from everyone, except for a woman\’s "choice" to abort her baby.God save us from the looney left.

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