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The Death Penalty

November 27, 2005

Both sides of this criminal punishment have once again geared up for a very notorious execution soon. Stanley “Tookie” Williams, the founder of the infamous Crips gang and convicted murderer of 4 innocent people in 1979, faces death by lethal injection soon, if Governor Schwarzeneggar doesn’t commute his sentence in the coming days.


“Tookie” claims he has repented of his criminal ways while in prison. Of course he has, what else could he do? He’s locked away awaiting execution and not able to get out and commit another crime.


He’s also written some children’s books expressing to them the futility of joining the very gangs he helped start create. He has even been nominated for a Noble Peace Prize for this effort. Imagine, a cold-blooded murderer receiving a Peace Prize. There has even been a sympathetic movie made about him.


Opponents tell us the death penalty is not a deterrent to crime. Obviously this has become true, considering that someone as cold blooded a murderer as “Tookie” has been is considered for commutation of his sentence. Why fear death at the hands of the state if you write some children’s books and not only get your death penalty commuted, you stand to become quite wealthy too?


Although I believe the death penalty is necessary at times, I feel it should be used sparingly. If the conviction is beyond any shadow of doubt, such as ironclad witnesses or DNA proof of the criminal committing the crime, then it should be used, but sooner, not 26 years down the road.


I find it odd that this is happening in California, that recently convicted Scott Peterson of murdering his wife and sentencing him to death, based on evidence that he is a low life scumbag that was cheating on his wife. No other real evidence was shown that tied him directly to her death, but he is on death row awaiting execution too.


“Tookie” was convicted in 1981 with much stronger proof and his sentence is under consideration for commutation.


Can Scott write a couple children’s books against murdering your wife and receive a commutation also? I doubt it. I expect his appeals to go down in flames as the state was whipped into a frenzy over his philandering ways and his wife and unborn child turning up dead near where he claimed he was fishing the day they disappeared.


Seems to me all prisoners on death row get “religion” and somehow expect their sentences to be commuted. Very few have come to peace with God and yet walk willingly to their death, truly remorseful for their crime.


Whether or not the death penalty is a true deterrent to crime really isn’t the issue to me. As I already showed, the way the execution is stretched out and the possibility of getting sentences commuted for claims of religion, remorse or innocence, allows the convicted person to feel they can escape their fate. That is where the deterrence is lost. One thing for sure, an executed murderer sure won’t be walking free to commit another murder, will they?


If “Tookie” is really remorseful and regrets his gang activity and truly wants kids to avoid his gangs, what better message could he send to them than his own execution for those crimes? Commuting his sentence will only tell them they too can get away with it.




A Very Special Thank You on Thanksgiving Day

November 24, 2005
While we enjoy our families and friends today, let’s take a moment and also give thanks to those who cannot be with their families on this day. We should feel great pride that we have many people today who willingly gave up their Holiday to stand ready to defend the freedoms we enjoy and others desire.

Thank you too all our troops, wherever you are today.


Where Were You?

November 22, 2005

42 years ago today, November 22, 1963, Democrat President John F. Kennedy was brutally assassinated in Dallas, Texas. I was at a Pep Rally in High School, for a basketball game that Friday evening that never happened, as basically, the entire country was shut down.


We were informed to report to our Home Rooms, where word came that he had been shot and later, after we were actually requested to say a prayer for the mortally wounded Kennedy that he had died.


Many believe it was a foreign inspired assassination, others that it was the lone kook gunman theory, Lee Harvey Oswald. Still others feel it was a coup d’état by rogue elements of the CIA using Mafia hit men.


Sadly, since much of the evidence disappeared, after being returned to the Kennedy family and all the key principals having died shortly after the assassination, we will never know exactly what happened by whom.


I personally don’t buy the lone gunman theory, but that’s just me.


Regardless, America changed after that and I can’t really say for the better. Like him or not, Kennedy was one of the last Conservative Democrats to gain the office of President. History says his administration was Camelot, but we all know that canard was brought about by his wife, Jackie, after he died.


Had he lived, who knows what we may looking like today? Would the left have come to such prominent power as they hold today? Would Liberals be so outspoken and hateful to the rest of us as they maneuver to turn our country Socialist? No one can say, but I’d like to think these aging long haired dope smoking hippies wouldn’t be where they are today, messing up our once great country.



Don’t Question My Patriotism!

November 22, 2005

How often do we hear the left scream the above while they are denigrating the efforts in fighting Terrorism Iraq? I hear it so often it makes me wonder, why not? Does the left feel they are somehow above reproach? Can they even be said to be Patriots when they seem to be going out of their way to bring down an administration by not supporting the current war we are fighting and trying to quell the efforts of the terrorists that have wreaked havoc around the world and in Iraq?


Let’s see just what is Patriotism. pa·tri·ot·ism (p³“tr-t¹z”…m) n. Love of and devotion to one’s country. (American Heritage Dictionary)


Love of and devotion to one’s country makes sense to me. Can we honestly say it is loving to be fabricating reasons to undermine the efforts to stop worldwide terrorism? I can’t. Is it devotion to our country to be sending support to our enemies, even if indirectly? I don’t think so.


A while back, Hillary Clinton, (D. New York) literally screamed, “We have the right to debate and question any administration.” Somehow, this proves her Patriotism, I guess. But, when it was her husbands administration being debated and questioned, wasn’t it she who stated it was all just a “Vast Right Winged Conspiracy?” Did the public and the other party not also have that right to debate and question the administration she so eloquently described once, as “we are the President.” We?


John Kerry also makes claims that he too is a Patriot and brags about being a War Hero, for his antics in the short 4 months he spent in Viet Nam, then bugged out by receiving some rather questionable Purple Hearts, which he claimed to have thrown away in 1971 at a protest, but which are prominently displayed on his walls today. Was it Patriotic to undermine our efforts at blocking the spread of Communism in Viet Nam by claiming we that served there were monsters, murdering hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese each year and by secretly meeting with the enemies delegation in Paris, without any authority, while still a member of the US Navy?


He too seems to be falling into lock step with the looney left today, saying Bush misled him on pre-war intelligence. However, that doesn’t explain the remarks made by Mr. Kerry on November 9, 1997, to the Senate when it was he claiming all these WMDs were in Iraq and that Saddam Hussein needed dealt with harshly. From his speech then, if what he says today was misleading intelligence, who gets the blame for misleading him in 1997, when he was stating exactly the same warnings of Iraq that Bush said in the lead up to the war?


I’m sorry, but I can’t call it Patriotism to allow politicians to undermine a war effort while we have men and won still in harm’s way. “I support the troops, but not the war,” is a bunch of feel-good hogwash invented by the left to try and soothe their guilty consciences over how they treated us returning Viet Nam Veterans, much reinforced by the lies told by John Kerry and the likes of Hanoi Jane Fonda. Their conduct wasn’t Patriotism; it was treasonous, in my opinion.


Another so called patriot, Earl Blumenauer, D. Or. Came out today saying our troops have accomplished their mission and need to be immediately withdrawn. That is not and cannot be in the best interests of the country, Iraq’s or ours.


Iraq is now a fledgling democracy, still getting on their own two feet, so to speak. To abandon them now, much like these same looney leftists caused in Viet Nam, opens up Iraq be taken over by another Taliban type dictator or another Saddam Hussein, which will further de-stabilize the region and in the long run, cause great harm to America. Can it be Patriotism to wish to see our troops that paid the ultimate sacrifice marginalized by cutting and running again and allowing possible one of the few friendly nations we may have in the Middle East to fail before it even gets started? No.


If withdrawing troops after their job is done, as Blumenauer says is the right thing to do, why does he not call for the immediate withdrawal of all troops in Germany? They’ve been there for over 60 years now. Why not withdraw all troops from South Korea? They have been there for nearly 40 years and still receive hazardous duty pay when assigned there. Clinton told us our troops would home from Bosnia by Christmas 1998. Our troops are still there today, 7 years later, and yet, these “Patriots” do not demand their withdrawal.


We have every right as citizens who vote for and elect these representatives, to question their Patriotism, especially when their version of Patriotism will do nothing more than bring harm to our country. In simpler terms, how can one love and be devoted to one’s country yet try so hard to make it a former shadow of itself?  Don’t be fooled. These people are not Patriots; they are Socialists trying to wrap themselves in a flag they would just as soon burn.




To Swiftboat

November 20, 2005

Contrary to what the looney left tries to make it appear, Swiftboating, the new verb creeping into the Political language, is not a “smear campaign.” The appropriate verb for that would be Clintonizing, which the former administration and current Senator are both well known for.


Swiftboating a politician aptly means: swiftboat – vt. To reveal the essence of a defective person. To shine truth on a lie or lies. swiftboat-ed, swiftboat-ing.


Thanks to the brave efforts of a handful of aging Veterans, many that served alongside John ‘F’in Kerry, the country was saved from the antics of this former Naval Officer turned traitor by their revelations of his actual conduct during his very brief time in Viet Nam.


These men have faced scorn; ridicule, denigration and some have even been fired from their jobs for coming forward and speaking the truth. In true leftist fashion, they have been sued, threatened with suits and currently have had their lives turned upside down, all for speaking out the truth about Kerry.


While the left did everything in their power to impugn George W. Bush, even to the point of fabricating and televising forged documents, which are still be displayed as truthful, although forged, none of the looney left that engaged in this reprehensible behavior have been castigated by the Right anywhere near as bad as the left has done to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.


None of the charges raised by the SBVT has ever been refuted, other than morons like Lawrence O’Donnell and sKerry his self stating they were lies and fabrications. Of course, all sKerry ever had to do was sign his DD Form 180 and open his complete Military Records to the entire public, not just a small portion to 3 friendly reporters. That action alone would have proven the Swiftees wrong, if they were.


However, since sKerry refused to open his complete record, while lambasting Bush over his record, which was opened in its entirety, tells me there is something there he is afraid of getting out. Quite possibly a less than Honorable Discharge that was later changed under Liberal President Carter? We may never know, since I’m sure sKerry has had ample time to expunge his record of matters as this, not to mention the fabrication of the ‘war hero’ medals he claimed to have thrown away in 1971, that are now prominently displayed on his office wall.


When you hear of someone being ‘swift boated,” let not your heart be troubled. The left is trying to make it out to be a smear, especially since the actions usually is a revealing of hidden truths about them that would disqualify them from public office. Just sit back and smile, knowing the truth about a scoundrel is getting out.



Brave Men

November 20, 2005

As our troops now start returning home from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, they will inevitably by drawn into such groups as Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion. I do not want to discourage any to join them so don’t look upon my words as a discouragement. I respect both groups and belong to the VFW and am considering reinitiating my membership in the American Legion soon.


During times Veterans get together over a drink, it is inevitable that the discussion will turn to Bravery, some bragging about their own or someone they knew who acted brave in their conflict. Many though, remained in so called “rear areas,” or, REMFs, as they become known. Some shy away from the discussion and others feel left out or inadequate, as they weren’t Infantry and did not have to face an armed enemy on a regular basis. If I discourage anything in this essay, I wish to discourage those Support Troops from feeling this way.


The Military is a team and it takes a lot of Team Effort to accomplish a mission. No Infantryman can perform his mission without being fed, clothed or equipped for the task at hand. If wounded, they will not survive without the aides at a Field Hospital or the Supply system making sure medicines and bandages and equipment are in place and well maintained. They won’t even make it off the Battlefield without someone making sure the Truck or Helicopter is in proper working order and capable of carrying the wounded back for medical help.


With that in mind, the following is a short essay I wrote a couple years ago concerning this very subject with some men I served in Viet Nam with. This subject arose and some felt those of us who didn’t face the enemy everyday, as they claimed they did, made us somehow less brave and less a Veteran.


“The subject of bravery was recently brought up. How do we define bravery? I think we each have our own definition, but ultimately, we normally choose those who fought and often died for our cause, Vietnam, in our case. We all were there, we all survived it, and we all were “Cav.” But, not all of us actually fought, in the sense of going out and shooting at the bad guys each day.


I have heard it said that us maintenance types “didn’t even get shot at.” Is that what makes one brave, getting shot at on a regular basis? Is it even so that we who were assigned to maintenance didn’t get shot at? This is by no means a cheap shot at whoever has said the words above, nor is it intended to diminish the efforts and bravery of those of you who actually got to fly the missions and take on “Charlie” every day. Rather, my effort is to explore and try to explain what it meant to me to be in a war, yet not actually shooting at the enemy. If this offends anyone’s sensibilities, then I offer my apologies in advance. It certainly is not my intent.


When I received my orders to go to Vietnam, I had been in the Army just over 4 months and was just finishing the OH-6A course at Fort Eustis, Virginia. In fact, I think I was one of the last classes to graduate from Fort Eustis, as most of them were moved to Fort Rucker, Alabama, or so I had heard. Besides having the obvious fear associated with being told you are going to war, I also felt a certain sense of relief. There was no more wondering and worrying whether or not I would go. I was going! I had no idea where I would end up, what I would be doing, what unit I would be assigned to. I didn’t even know anything at all about what was happening there, other than there was a “police action” going on, read WAR to me. I had qualified with the M-16 during Basic Training at Ft. Jackson, S.C., but after receiving my orders at Ft. Eustis, we had to attend a three day RVN Orientation, where we were qualified with the M-14, for some reason. I never saw another M-14 after that. Our attitudes were somewhat blasé’. Had we actually been in combat, I’m sure none of us would have lasted the three days the training took.


In July of 1969, I arrived in Long Bin, shortly after that, moved to Nha Trang, then on to Camp Enari in Pleiku, where I was assigned to the 7/17th and ultimately to C Troop. Of course, once I arrived at Lane Army Heliport, I was placed in the 412th TC Det., or Maintenance. Somewhere during this time, I was promoted to Pfc. As I understood it; all Scouts went to Maintenance first, then as openings came about, would be transferred to “the line,” to actually crew a LOH. After seeing how some of them returned, and after one of the favorite guys in the Scouts, Scotty, died, the thought of actually crewing had a certain element of fear about it. I mean, who really wishes to go out and face death? Our Moms taught us different than that, and the Army did it’s best to undo that training. But, we still did what was necessary and went where we were assigned.


Not long after being sent to the 412th, I performed some work on a LOH. Only recently through the resources of Heli-Vets did I attain the tail number and the pilots names. But, I had the tail rotor off for a reason that escapes me today. Within the next day or two, that LOH crashed shortly after take off, killing both pilots on board, from what appeared to be a tail rotor failure. The officers looking into the crash told me all this after the fact. Of course, here I was, fresh out of AIT, new to the unit, a 20 year old Pfc. who had just removed and reinstalled the tail rotor. I wasn’t grilled too hard, but I was definitely looked into. There was enough of the tail rotor left to determine that I had reinstalled it properly, so I was cleared of any wrongdoing. At the time I discovered the Tail Number, I also discovered that witnesses saw the helicopter strike a tree on take off, causing the crash. But, for over thirty years now, I have kept the thought in the back of my head that maybe I did do something to contribute to their deaths. I don’t blame myself, but have always wondered if it went down for a reason that I could have contributed to.


None of this makes me brave, mind you, but I supply it for background in an attitude I developed and have maintained for the rest of my life.


In the normal scheme of things, I watched those ahead of me move on to crewing, Jim Sullivan, Ron Strickland, and others. I received normal promotions, being made an acting Sergeant when Jim Provencio DEROSed and I was the ranking E-4 on the OH-6 squad. I don’t remember what happened, but it came to be my turn to crew. CW2 Al Whaley, the Warrant who was over the LOH’s approached me and asked if I were ready to crew. Before I could answer, he told me I could just forget it. I was too valuable to him in maintenance. You see, after the crash I mentioned above, I made myself a promise that there would never be any doubt of another LOH going down because of maintenance. It didn’t matter that maintenance was not the cause of the crash, the thought that it could have been and that it could have been me, affected me in such a way that I was hell-bent no one would ever lose a life or be injured in any of my helicopters due to sloppy work. I immersed myself into repairing and maintaining the LOHs of C Troop and did my best to make sure the guys flew the best and safest helicopters the US Army had to supply. In fact, I learned a lot at the hands of Mr. Whaley and even though he often came across as an SOB, he was a pretty regular guy who also wanted safe and reliable aircraft.


So, I didn’t get my turn to crew. I watched as my best friend, Ron Strickland, went on to crew and even felt a huge loss when his chopper went in. I didn’t even get the chance to see him in the hospital before he was evacuated to Japan. I watched as others went on to the glory of crewing and actually fighting the war. But, I was doing what I enjoyed, fixing the LOHs. Would I have been as good a crew chief as others? I’ll never know.


To say we didn’t even get shot at, though, is somewhat inaccurate. Of course, we didn’t receive fire each day or even very often. But, after leaving the safety and security of Lane heliport for An Khe, get shot at we did. We still had to pull guard duty; with me being Sergeant of the Guard, since by then I had actually made it to E-5. When we got sappered those times, it was many of us “rear types” on guard. When the guards were doubled on the flight line due to such heavy loses of aircraft and Charlie went after hooches, even though C Troop was spared, he made no distinction between flight crews and rear types. He could have cared less. It was simply Americans he wanted to do away with.


Whether actually looking for and facing Charlie, or remaining back at Base Camp doing some other work, we were a team. It took all of us to get the job done. And, I can’t think of any unit that did it any better than C Troop.


Who were the brave men? It was the nameless eighteen year old who bought it early in his tour. It was the poor guy that drowned when he fell off a deuce and a half cleaning it at An Khe. It was Scotty, who gave his life and did so much teaching others and looking out for all. It was Bruce Carlson for flying each day, no matter what fear he felt, and doing his duty. It was Ron Strickland for getting to crew and surviving a crash that could have killed him, yet he went on to a career in the Army. In my book, it was every last one of us. We went, and we did whatever duty was assigned us. We griped and groaned, and drank too much, maybe even smoked a little dope. But we got the job done. We fought for a thankless people and for a thankless nation. We faced the condemnation of our countrymen when returning. We cringed every time the next episode of Mod Squad showed the weekly villain was just another deranged Vietnam Veteran. But, we endured. We didn’t ask for any Victory Parades nor did we receive any. We didn’t even receive a welcome home from any top official of the nation until 1981 when Ronald Reagan assumed the office of President. We may have cried when ones like Jane Fonda were honored as heroes. We were disturbed when draft dodgers were made the heroes of the era by being granted total amnesty by the President of the United States. We have endured, silently for the most part, for thirty years now. We love our country but wonder if it will ever love us.


You ask who were the brave men of Vietnam? The only answer I can give is all of us. Each in our own way contributed to the war effort and even though the enemy may have been boredom or a corroded bolt at times, we all faced it and conquered it. I offer my salute to all, Officer, Warrant, or Enlisted, who served there and did their duty to the best of their ability. We are a brotherhood unique to our generation, survivors and courageous.”


Battles are not only won in fighting, some have to be won by unarmed people who rebuild schools, care for the wounded citizens of the countries we are in and battles are won by those who stay back and keep the Infantry able to perform their mission.


From the lowliest Private to the Top General, from the most Gung Ho Infantryman to the tired out mechanic, worn out Truck Driver or stressed out Cook, it takes everyone to get the mission completed. Add to that now that more females are involved and you see that the effort is spread across the spectrum to keep the Infantry moving and accomplish our mission.


Lew Waters

412th TC; C Troop 7/17th Air Cav

Viet Nam 1969 to 1971


Pink License Plates

November 17, 2005

Recently, Florida, the state I was born and raised in, announced they were thinking of making all convicted sex offenders have pink license plates on their cars in an effort to identify them and prevent them from harming others sexually again.

How utterly ridiculous! Of all the lame brained feel good bullshit the left has ever come up with, this one takes the cake. Let’s look at why,

1. If they are out of jail and in the community, they have friends and family who would undoubtedly loan them a car, if they asked. Therefore, the pink plate stays at home and the predator is driving around freely, unmarked.

What if someone borrows the marked vehicle from the perp? Will they been seen and now become identified as a predator too and cause social harm to an innocent person? What if they picked up someone who was broke down along the road and someone else saw them in the car and now identified them as predators too?

What about those wrongfully convicted who served their time and are not a threat? Some cannot prove their innocence and must pay for a lie their entire life.

2. If they are a risk to society and need marked, why in the hell are they out of jail?

3. Nazis tried this in an effort to subjugate the Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other ‘malcontents’ prior to and during WW2. Are we adopting Nazi attitudes in hopes of helping us lower crimes?

4. Once we start marking, who is next? Do we require smokers to have red plates? Christians to have green? Conservatives Blue and Liberals yellow? Where does it end once it starts?

5. Returning to number 2, and the most important, if these people are deemed a danger, why release them back into society in the first place? If they are dangerous enough to warrant being marked, shouldn’t they be confined somewhere they will cause no harm?

Call me hard core, but I feel if one is released and declared cured, which is silly since they are incurable, and does harm another person, automatic death penalty in a painful and rapid manner, end of story!

Letting one know he will be put to death in a heinous and rapid manner will do a lot more to discourage them than giving them pink license plates, I feel.

Now, to keep the ACLU out of it once one is sentenced to death.




Exit Strategy

November 13, 2005

We hear this simple two-word phrase volleyed about a lot today. It is used in regards to the battle ongoing in Iraq in the War on Terror. Does anyone actually understand just what this implies?


From the online Wikipedia we find the following definition: An exit strategy is a means of escaping a very difficult situation. An army without an exit strategy is presumed to be in a quagmire.”


From the American Heritage Dictionary, a similar word is found, retreat, The act or process of withdrawing, especially from something hazardous, formidable, or unpleasant.” Also, “The process of going backward or receding from a position or condition gained.”


Is it a good strategy to engage in warfare with the pre-thought of retreating, giving up, when it gets a little tough? We did that in Viet Nam to the detriment of millions of freedom seeking South Vietnamese citizens.


With the instant communication worldwide of information today, our enemies as well as our allies also instantly know any strategies mentioned. If they realize we have a plan in place to retreat, will they play to the implementation of that plan and hold back their strongest offenses to attack after our retreat, as happened in Viet Nam? I think history best answers that.


War is brutal and costly. No one likes war, least of all, those of us who have fought in them. Still, there are those out there who hate our freedoms and way of life and wish to destroy that any way they can. War is basically a failure of Diplomacy, which all to often happens. With this current enemy, there is no Diplomacy. They only know defeat by death or, to those in lesser support of the terrorists, showing them how they have been brainwashed by a radical element of Islam, bent on world domination under their prostitution of the religion.


Above, the first definition says if you don’t have an exit strategy, you are in a quagmire. As long as our troops are advancing and taking the fight to the enemy and defeating them while rebuilding and helping those innocents whose lives have been disrupted, I don’t see a quagmire. Sadly, with the slanted reporting from the leftists within our country, who only report anything that appears to be a setback, several Americans have been misled that we are in an endless quagmire with no “exit strategy.”


They are wrong! Many returning troops and many serving in Iraq and Afghanistan report the progress that goes unreported by our Leftstream media, which all too often is still being ignored. Schools are being built, power is being restored, free elections are being held, Armies are being built and trained for self-defensive measure against the terrorists and terrorists are failing in their goals of intimidation.


Had these same people been as given as much voice during World War Two, as they have today, would the Nazi Party still be openly operating in Germany? Would we have surrendered during the early hours of the D-Day Invasion or the Battle of the Bulge? Would Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima brought about the retreat of our hard fighting troops and retained a maniacal regime over the country of Japan? Thank God we don’t know the answer to that.


To defeat these terrorists it is going to be a long and hard fight. Surrender plans will only demoralize our Military and give the terrorists the support they need to impose their radical and oppressive view of the religion of Islam on several millions as deserving of freedom of choice as Americans are. Openly advocate retreating and how soon will we see another Islamofacist attack on another major city within our borders?


Don’t be misled. The only acceptable exit strategy is complete and total victory. World War One should be our lesson in this. A Cease-fire was the exit strategy then and a little over 20 years later, we had World War Two. Viet Nam is another lesson in the folly of “exit strategies.” We tucked tail and left, while we were really winning the fight and allowed millions of innocent Vietnamese to become enslaved. After the first Gulf War, we encouraged Iraqis to stand up and fight Saddam and never gave them the help they would need. Their uprising failed and several just disappeared, leaving Saddam in power.


Any “exit strategy” other than victory is just another cowardly way of snatching defeat from victory. I pray that never happens again. Don’t let our young veterans utter in disbelief years from now, as Iraq and Afghanistan are once again under brutal and oppressive regimes, “what happened? We were winning when I left.”


Exit Strategies are just another way of advocating surrender while winning.


Shameless Democrats

November 13, 2005

Ever since President Bush won the election in 2000 we have heard and seen Democrats pulling any and every stunt they can to delegitimize this Presidency and hopefully end the Republican power in our government. Democrats can’t seem to be able to handle they aren’t the representatives of American values as they thought.


In their efforts lately, we have them now attacking and down right lying about why and how we went to war in Iraq. Among attacks being said, we hear;


"The Bush administration misrepresented and distorted the intelligence to justify a war that America should never have fought." Ted Kennedy

"We all know the Vice President’s office was the nerve center of an operation designed to sell the war and discredit those who challenged it. … The manipulation of intelligence to sell the war in Iraq…the Vice President is behind that." Harry Reid

"I seconded the motion Sen. Harry Reid made last week. Republicans in Congress have refused, despite repeated promises, to investigate the Bush administration’s misuse of pre-war intelligence, so Senate Democrats are standing up and demanding the truth." Dick Durbin (who not too long ago compared our troops in harms way to Nazis and Pol Pot)


Prior to our invasion of Iraq, these same Democrats and others were singing a different tune, in their effort to actually try to appear tough on the terrorists they have been soft on for 30 years. What a difference losing an election can make on these shameless politicians.


Harry Reid: "The problem is not nuclear testing; it is nuclear weapons. … The number of Third World countries with nuclear capabilities seems to grow daily. Saddam Hussein’s near success with developing a nuclear weapon should be an eye-opener for us all."

Ted Kennedy: "We have known for many years that Saddam Hussein is seeking and developing weapons of mass destruction."

Dick Durbin: "One of the most compelling threats we in this country face today is the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Threat assessments regularly warn us of the possibility that…Iraq…may acquire or develop nuclear weapons."


Today, when confronted with these past statements, they cry, “we were misled.” Does anyone actually think these Democrats were lied to or misled? Are we to believe that Congress gets different intelligence than does the President? How naïve do they think the American Public is?


To this end, I direct you to the purpose of the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence:


Created pursuant to S.Res. 400, 94th Congress: to oversee and make continuing studies of the intelligence activities and programs of the United States Government, and to submit to the Senate appropriate proposals for legislation and report to the Senate concerning such intelligence activities and programs. In carrying out this purpose, the Select Committee on Intelligence shall make every effort to assure that the appropriate departments and agencies of the United States provide informed and timely intelligence necessary for the executive and legislative branches to make sound decisions affecting the security and vital interests of the Nation. It is further the purpose of this resolution to provide vigilant legislative oversight over the intelligence activities of the United States to assure that such activities are in conformity with the Constitution and laws of the United States.


Maybe some whiny Democrats should read their reposnsibilities before mouthing off to bash Bush?


During the Clinton Administration, the same intelligence was issued to him and the same Congressmen who stated similar words several times over that Administration. In fact, on November 7, 1997, Senator John “F”in Kerry, the big loser of the last Presidential election, who seems to feel he needs to still campaign, made a speech on the floor of the Senate titled, “We Must Be Firm With Saddam Hussein," three years before Bush even became President.


Not long after, Saddam kicked out all the UN Weapons Inspectors, after give them the song and dance over their whereabouts and possible destruction. Over the 12 years between the cease fire of the First Gulf War and the last invasion of Iraq, the Clinton Administration ended up firing Cruise and Tomahawk missiles into Iraq, hitting dubious targets at best with no indication of destroying and Weapons of Mass Destruction, but killing some janitors that may have been on duty at some of the buildings targeted that were closed for the night.


During this same time period, the UN issued 17 resolutions for the Saddam Hussein regime to comply with on ending his quest for nuclear and chemical weaponry and destroying the stockpiles virtually the entire world claimed he had. Evidence of their destruction has never been forthcoming and to the date of the invasion, Saddam remained firm that he would use them against our troops. Obviously, he was firmly convinced they existed or was a fool for standing against the American superior forces poised to invade. In fact, best I can remember, much of the anti-war rhetoric stated just prior to that invasion would be his using those WMDs against our military and poisoning the region. Now, conveniently, these same people state, “they never existed.”


Several sites have listed several prominent Democrat statements also claiming that WMDs existed and their support for the Iraq War, so no need for me to repeat them. They include Kennedy, Kerry, Clinton (both of them), Leiberman, Levin and several others. Now, we are supposed to believe a newly installed President suddenly misled these career politicians? Does this mean the Senate Intelligence Committee is useless as they wish us to believe they only act on what they have been told by the President? Aren’t these the same ones who rallied behind intelligence justifying the bombings of the Balkans and Iraq under the previous Administration? I see it as the same intelligence from the same CIA through a different President, a Democrat. Are they crying that Clinton misled them with the same intelligence from the same people? No.


To me, this is nothing more than a shameless power grab by Democrats who have no ideas for our future or for the War on Terror, just hateful rhetoric against the current Republican Administration.


Consider what has been found in Iraq and remains unreported by Democrats and their willing cronies in the Leftstream Media;

1.77 metric tons of enriched uranium

1,500 gallons of chemical weapons agents

Chemical warheads containing cyclosarin (a nerve agent five times more deadly than sarin gas)

Over 1,000 radioactive materials in powdered form meant for dispersal over populated areas.


This is a partial list and it may not be the stockpiles expected, but they are WMDs none the same. What else has been discovered, along with a full nuclear program capable of short restart being found buried beneath an Iraqi Scientists garden, has been outlined in a book, “DISINFORMATION, 22 Media Myths That Undermine the War on Terror,” by Richard Miniter. The real question shouldn’t be "why no WMDs," but rather, "where did they go?"


Be you Liberal or Conservative, don’t fall for this latest shameless act of the Democrat Party. President Bush did not mislead any one, as he was dependent upon the very same intelligence left over by the Clinton Administration. Not having the 20/20 hindsight we have today, he would have been totally irresponsible to ignore that intelligence after the attacks of September 11, 2001. Saddam was a threat with known ties to terrorists, even if not directly related to 9/11. We could not take the chance on the WMDs falling into the hands of the terrorists for an even graver attack against our people. Bush acted responsibly, as did the Democrats when they supported him then.


The irresponsible acts are now those Democrats rewriting history as to why this battle of Iraq in the War on Terror was initiated and carried out. Don’t be misled. It is these rabid Democrats who are engaging in misleading statements to undermine the President and retake control and power of the Government by giving the appearance of them being against the war all along, now that they feel the anti-war crowd is the majority. In the meantime, this shameless rhetoric will result in the sacrifice of even more American Military and Iraqi lives fighting an emboldened enemy, emboldened by the anti-war rhetoric of these shameless Democrats.


America deserves better and the Republicans better wake up and support this War on Terror and stand firm against this shameless power grab by unscrupulous Democrats.



Veterans Day

November 11, 2005

Today, November 11, is the day set aside originally as Armistice Day, to commemorate the Armistice signed to end World War One. That peace was very short lived and along came World War Two. Shortly after, Armistice Day was changed to Veterans Day, a day set aside now to commemorate Veterans of all conflicts.

Since WW2 the world has seen several "little" wars, as some refer to them. Korea, Viet Nam, Northern Ireland, Granada, Desert Storm, the War on Terror and the current main battle of that war, Iraq.

Even though they may not be held in the same esteem as the "greater" wars, all have one thing in common, men and women, who gave of themselves when their countries called and endured unthinkable horrors and at times, total boredom. Some came back whole. Some came back broken. Some did not come back at all. But, all gave of themselves.

To all my brothers and sisters that stood and performed their duty to promote and protect the world’s freedom, I say Thank You and I hope you all receive the thanks and honor we are all due.


I invite all to click the link below and read the story of how this song from Canada came to be. Once you have read it, view the video and listen to the song, it’s one of the most touching songs I’ve ever heard thanking Veterans.


Welcome Home and Thank You Veterans.