Sex Offenders & Halloween

With another Halloween upon us we are faced with the new scare of sexual offenders at the doors when children trick or treat. Several communities have taken preemptive steps designed to protect children on Halloween night.


Among these steps will be home visits from probation officers. New Jersey is instituting a curfew of 7 PM for known sex offenders, barring them from answering their doors, barring them from attending Halloween parties where children may be present or taking their own children out trick or treating.


In one Texas community known sex offenders will be required to spend the evening in a county office.


On the news I heard that Florida is making preemptive moves similar to New Jersey in that they are also forbidding sex offenders from even putting up Halloween decorations or having their lights on at their homes.


This is being said to also be for the protection of the offenders, to protect them from false accusations. It has also been said that no community is aware of any incidents of child molestations resulting from trick or treating. An unscientific poll on ABC showed almost 68% of respondents agreed with these steps.


Among these registered sex offenders will be the one that may have had consensual sex when 20 with a 16 or 17 year old. Others, the ones we seem to be most worried about, repeat and dangerous offenders, makes me ask, “Why are they out of prison?” Shouldn’t they still be locked away? Do communities think Halloween is the only day they will harm a child? Sentence served or not, if they are still a danger, they shouldn’t be in the community!


Personally, I find it totally ridiculous. The easiest and most effective way to protect our children on Halloween is for us parents to accompany them trick or treating. If we know there is a registered sex offender in the neighborhood, walk right past that house, regardless of whether they are offering candy or not.


As I have said earlier, we parents are the first and best line of defense for our children, not the government.


I see this as another abdication of parental responsibility to the government. No one ever said parenting was easy or always fun, but we have the responsibility to ensure our children are kept safe and raised with the values we wish to instill in them. If we are unwilling to endure the responsibilities of parenthood, maybe we shouldn’t be having children.


I also see this as another step towards marking citizens. Will we one day end up marking not only sex offenders, but other criminals and eventually religions and political groups as well? As I said above, if these offenders are considered dangerous, why in God’s name are they free within our communities? For me personally, violations of my daughter’s safety would be referred to my legal team, Colt, Remington, Smith and Wesson!




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