As the looney left cries out for more investigations and calls for Bush to be impeached, maybe they should learn what impeachment would really mean to them.


It would appear that many now believe if Bush were impeached and removed from office that Kerry, the close loser from the last election, would become POTUS. Hate to burst their bubble, but there isn’t the slightest chance of this happening.


If, for some reason, they actually succeeded in removing Bush from office, Kerry doesn’t get to step in. The Vice President, Dick Cheney, in this instance, automatically becomes President. If Cheney were removed first, Bush gets to appoint a new Vice President and that person would become President.


If, for some reason, both Bush and Cheney were removed, Kerry still doesn’t get to be POTUS, it moves then to the House of Representatives and Senate to appoint a temporary President until an election is held for a new President. Since both are Republican controlled at this time, any bets as to what party would get the nod?


What we are really seeing in all these rumblings for ‘impeachment’ is just the latest ‘tit for tat’ childish game both political parties have been engaging in ever since the 1950’s when Joseph McCarthy’s commission succeeded in exposing the darling of the left, Alger Hiss, as a Communist spy.


I, for one, am growing tired if this silly game at the detriment of our country and society. Call for impeachment if you wish, Democrats, but be careful, you may get what you ask for and you may regret it instantly.


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