For What? Why War?

While everybody is entitled to his or her own opinions, I take umbrage to those questioning our involvement in Iraq today and comparing it to the Viet Nam War. America is the freest land the world has ever seen. We gained that freedom with the help of others and I, for one, feel we owe it to others to help them with their freedom, if they so want.


Viet Nam turned out as poorly as it did for several reasons, the not the least of which being that due to anti-war leftists propaganda and efforts by those such as Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland, Ramsey Clark and many others too numerous to list, to convince other Americans that it was only a Civil War that we were interfering in.


Had it been the Civil War they convinced others of, the North would have had the support they felt they would receive during Tet of ’68, which never materialized. Had it been merely a Civil War, untold thousands of South Vietnamese would never had taken to risk of their lives to steal away from the country in rickety boats tying to find freedom, with untold numbers dying in the process. There would not have been "re-education camps" built and filled by the victorious North Vietnamese "liberators" either, with untold numbers again simply disappearing.


The only real waste, in my opinion, was tucking tail and leaving those poor people to struggle by themselves against an enemy regularly re-supplied by the Communist Soviet Union and Chinese governments.


Today, we are facing an even graver enemy and have extended the battle into Iraq, a nation already in violation of the cease-fire signed after the first Gulf War and of 17 UN Resolutions over a 12-year period. The Iraqi people are not the enemy and are being slaughtered by these animals flooding into their country every day. Our own media makes every mention of every time one of our troops causes an Iraqi or a terrorist to stub their toe, but hardly mention any successes at all, not unlike they did during our war in Viet Nam.


Anti-war leftists use every trick they can come up with, such articles of pity towards our troops and their wounds, to convince our fighting people they are being used and their sacrifices are in vain. What next, will the "spitting" on returning troops once again happen? Has the anti-war left forgotten that today’s military is All Volunteer, while they try to portray them as hapless ‘draftees’ being used as cannon fodder and for nothing? If they succeed in repeating history, will they build another cold monument, to appease their consciences, while again they hold the people sent off to fight in distain?


All the hype about "no WMDs" is just that, hype. That was but one reason to go into Iraq. Saddam and his sons ran a horrible dictatorial regime, responsible for the senseless slaughter of untold thousands and more, of his citizens. The Hussein regime has been tied to supporting these terrorists that carried out 9-11. While no direct evidence is showing Saddam was responsible for the attack of that day, nearly the entire world stated he still had stockpiles of horrendous WMDs, including several prominent members of the political party today crying they knew all along they never existed. Even the past challenger for the office of President, in 1997, made a speech on the floor of Congress calling for severe attacks against Iraq, alone, if necessary, and removal of Saddam’s regime.


I don’t see this as a war started over oil or to appease someone’s ego. This war was declared on us back in 1979 with the attack and capture of the US Embassy in Tehran, Iran and subsequent holding of American Hostages. Since then, American interests have been continually attacked overseas and even one other attack on US soil against the World Trade Center. None were criminal acts, they were acts of war and ignored by both political parties.


Through the efforts of the anti-war left, terrorists have been shown that they only need cause some lives lost and keep up a hit and miss system of attacking and the public will grow weary of the war and listen to the cowards of the left that misrepresent what is really going on. They know that America will soon tuck tail and run and allow them to once again enslave an entire people, just like happened in South Viet Nam. Our military will be looked upon as losers, wimps and ineffective while people desiring freedom are once again written off while the anti-war left celebrates the very freedoms they had to have help to gain.


Eventually, that freedom itself will be challenged and who will the anti-war left turn to for protection then? Will they expect our military to be an effective fighting force once they have again gutted the ranks of the military and denied them weapons needed to protect the country? Will we again become the laughing stock of the world and open ourselves to attacks from every little anti-American group that hates our freedoms?


It is not my intent to ruffle feathers, but if history repeats itself, who will be able to stand against these terrorists that are not just interested in installing a totalitarian regime in Iraq or Afghanistan, but wish to see the entire planet under their radical view of Islam?


When questioning "what for," look back to the outcome of the Vietnamese people, the possible outcome of WW2 had the left succeeded in causing appeasement then. Look back to our own Revolutionary War over 200 years ago and then look at news reports of Iraqis and Afghanis smiling and holding up fingers with purple ink on them, voting in defiance of terrorists threatening them with death for voting for a more democratic rule in their countries. War is not pretty and horrible sacrifices are made, but freedom, theirs, and ours doesn’t come free. I cry for every single one of these people who are killed or maimed. Still, I cannot help but feel pride in that they were willing to pay this price to better someone else’s life. These sacrifices do not deserve denigration, but are deserving of being held up to the entire world and nation for the heroism they represent.


Support our Troops and their mission.




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