Melvin Laird Pipes In

A voice from long ago, yesteryear, has added his aging opinion on Iraq now. Melvin Laird, the former Secretary of Defense under Richard Nixon has added his cry for troop withdrawals, to prevent Iraq from becoming another Viet Nam.


Although I too am aging, it would seem to me that the fiasco of Viet Nam is exactly what Laird and several others are calling for today in Iraq. From the article on this, we read;


·  As in Vietnam, U.S. troops were sent to war in Iraq without understanding the history, culture, and ethnic differences in the arena of combat.


It would seem to me that lessons in History and culture aren’t all that necessary when fighting to kill those that would kill us. I don’t recall lessons in history and culture being prevalent during WW2 when we went back after Japan, Italy and Germany.


·  In Vietnam, we were fighting a guerrilla war where it verged on the impossible to differentiate ally from enemy, as is true today in Iraq.


After Tet of 68 the Viet Cong became a mostly ineffective force. When your enemy isn’t in uniform, yes, it becomes difficult to know who is who, until the start shooting at you. Still, a well-trained soldier, well armed and allowed to fight will endure and overcome.


·  Like the communists in Vietnam, Iraqi insurgents have infiltrated the government and security forces.


It seems to me that there are a few enemies of the United States that have infiltrated our own government and are shoving us towards Socialism, subjection to the United Nations and a general end of life as we have known since our Constitution was adopted over 200 years ago. These people can be found, exposed and eliminated, if we try.


·  The president is losing credibility with the people over the war, as did both Nixon and President Lyndon B. Johnson.


One difference today, even though it happened in Viet Nam also, is the media is about 100% against Bush. They were critical of Johnson also, but he didn’t face the onslaught of hatred Bush has since winning the 2000 election.


Sheeple in our country have been spoon-fed propaganda against Bush and the successes our military has gained in Iraq. All the media ever focuses on is Abu Ghraib and every single death regardless of how it happened. For those that do not seek other sources and depend on the leftstream media for information, what else would they believe since they have never heard one positive thing from them since Bush was inaugurated?


Then again, since Melvin Laird was knee deep in decisions on Viet Nam, along with Robert McNamara, who waited 30 years to write a book claiming he was always against involvement in Viet Nam, does he not bear a large portion of responsibility on how Viet Nam turned out? Does he now expect us to believe he has the answers when he advocates doing pretty much the same thing the Nixon Administration ended up doing that resulted in Viet Nam becoming the fiasco it became?


As an American Citizen, Melvin Laird has as much right to voice his opinion as anyone else does, but I think history shows he is the last one I’d be willing to listen to. As an architect of failure during the Nixon Years, why should we believe he would advocate anything less today?


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