Racial Separatists

This past weekend, we saw a “Million More March” led by Louis “Calypso Louie” Farakhan. We also saw a Neo-Nazi Organization in Toledo, Ohio attempt to express their freedom of expression with a march, only to be denied because of racial tensions in place and a riot starting up.


Farakhan was free to spew as much anti-American, anti-White, anti-Jew or whatever “hate speech” he felt he desired. The Neo-Nazis were denied their right to march and with only a small number on hand, seemed to stay fairly peaceful, instead focusing attention on the rioters, the reason for their march and assembly in the first place, drawing attention to Black gangs out of control.


I can’t say I agree very much with either group, seeing both as ridiculous and as racial separatists in their own right. Still, why is one group allowed the freedom to express their hate of the others, and one is denied? Even if we dislike what a group stands for, are we not free to express ourselves in a peaceful manner? Is this now an example of “reverse discrimination?”


Calypso Louie says he wants an international investigation into white people blowing up levees in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, but offers no evidence that they were. I have heard members of the New Black Panther party on TV express nothing but admiration for this moron, saying they will be self governed someday. Do they advocate segregation again? Is this not contrary to everything Dr. Martin Luther King stood for?


We have good examples of what Nazis stood for during WW2 and I have no doubt they would return to the same manner of action, if ever they came into power. But, does Farakhans group sound any less horrible?


I often wonder why Black Americans such as Condaleeza Rice, Bill Cosby, Colin Powell, Starr Parker, J.C. Watts are not held up as examples of Blacks that have worked to make something of themselves and have become very successful? Are they not representative of what Blacks, as well as Whites, can do if they work at bettering themselves and applying a good education? Is it because they are Conservatives that other Blacks look down their noses at them? Or, is it because they got off the Government Plantation, built and maintained by the Modern Liberals?


How will the races ever come together and be one people, as I believe our Constitution was written, if we keep seeking to divide ourselves like this?


Freedom of speech is a good thing, but as I’ve said elsewhere, it comes with responsibilities. I see neither group, Neo-Nazis nor Calypso Louis New Black Panthers, doing anything but further dividing an already divided nation and a house divided cannot stand, this we know.






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