Freedom Lost

For some time now, I have been hearing the “looney left” cry about all the freedoms we are losing under Republicans and Conservatives. However, little or nothing is ever said about all the real freedoms we truly have lost under Liberal Democrat urgings. I intend to list the ones I can think of and if any can muster some more feel free to list them as you see fit.

1. Freedom of Speech and Expression? Is it truly Freedom of Speech or Expression if religious symbols that our very nation was founded on are denied public view? Is it “Freedom of Speech” if one can be charged with a “Hate Crime” if they slip and utter an inappropriate word or name call? Yet, Congressmen can equate our Military to “Soviet Gulags,” “Nazis” and despotic regimes as Pol Pots with no ramifications other than to issue a half-hearted non-apology.

Leftist radio hosts can call our sitting President a Terrorist, mean spirited, stupid, a loser, and much more all they want with impunity. Yet, let a Rightist radio host call sKerry a traitor (something amply documented in his own words) and Democrat Congressmen want investigations convened, censorship of the airwaves imposed, and those hosts arrested and imprisoned.

Let a Republican Congressman congratulate an aging Republican Senator on his long record of service and that Congressman is removed from his Senate position, since the aging Senator was once a Southerner opposed to integration. Let a Democrat Congressman congratulate an aging Democrat Senator on his long record of service, even though that Democrat Senator was once the Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops of his local Ku Klux Klan chapter, and cries for his chastisement go unheard and washed away as “Partisan Attacks.”

2. The Right to Bear Arms. No greater right was granted us by the Founding Fathers than the Second Amendment, granting all citizens the Right to Bear Arms. Over the years, this “Right” has been watered down by the left feigning concern over increased crimes, unnecessary killings, accidents and of course, what they classify as “assault weapons,” often no more than higher powered hunting rifles.

When they failed to remove guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens, they turned to suing gun manufacturers, regulating ammunition and outright ridicule of anyone owning a gun. Gun owners are classified as “rednecks,” “extremists,” and “backwards.” Never mind that statistics show that the more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens, the less violent crime there is in that area.

Some Police claim if you have time to get your gun, you have time to call them, when faced with an intruder in your home. Yes, you do have time to call, but do you have the time to wait up to 30 minutes for them to arrive and subdue the intruder, provided the intruder hasn’t committed the crime and either raped you, killed you or stolen your property?

3. Freedom of Property. Although not listed as such in our Constitution, the right to own property and use as you see fit is the very foundation of our nations freedoms. Recently, the US Supreme Court ruled that communities might take private property from citizens, at their discretion, and sell it to private corporations for development, in the quest for increased taxes being paid to the community. This ruling leaves no one safe in our country and rightly, even many leftist are angered at this.

Even before this ruling, so-called environmentalists have prevented private property owners from building on their land or cutting down a tree simply because some obscure bird or animal may be in or on that tree. Never mind that the animal or insect will simply move to another tree if the one they are in or on is cut down.

Have water somewhere on your land and it becomes unusable, the environmentalist and left government deeming it now a “wet lands” and possible stopping point for migrating birds. Here again, the birds simply fly to the nearest available “wet lands’ for rest and water.

And, heaven forbid if you shoot one of these birds for food.

4. A Right To Drive The Vehicle Of Your Choice. Again, this isn’t specifically mentioned, but don’t we all have the right to purchase and drive whatever vehicle we may wish, so long as it meets the restrictive emissions standards imposed by our leftist government? Buy and drive an SUV and watch as the looney left has a hernia over your choice. If you are lucky, you won’t be in it if some loon sets it on fire one evening because you are a “terrorist supporter,” “hogging resources,” or “endangering those who drive smaller ‘tin box cars’ claiming to be ‘saving our environment.’”

Funny that these “concerned” people don’t complain about 4X4 pickup trucks, what SUVs are based on. Funnier still that they wish to push inefficient electric vehicles on us, but fail to see that although the vehicle itself may not pollute, pollution is created elsewhere to enable the recharging of polluting batteries powering them. Also, their range of miles is inadequate for most driving other than short trips.

They also complain about using up declining petroleum resources by SUVs getting poor fuel mileage. If this were truly a concern, why then do they embrace so many plastic items, which is also made of petroleum? Why do they also decline the use of coal today, since it too can be burned in a clean manner, with today’s capabilities?

5. Freedom From Excessive Taxation. Yeah, right. We fought for independence from England a couple centuries ago due to excessive taxation, taxation without representation.

Today, thanks to Liberal “giveaway” programs and “entitlements” to anyone supporting the Democrats, we now have “excessive taxation with representation,” at a much higher rate than when we fought for our original independence.

Under a smokescreen of “caring for others,” leftists have taken our tax dollars and often wasted them on such nonsense as funding an “art exhibit” featuring a crucifix submerged in urine, studying the sexual habits of some unimportant snail garter insect, funding of so called “public radio,” which in truth, is predominately a leftist propaganda avenue and funding of construction projects totally unnecessary to advance the entire nation.

To many from the left, funding of our Military and Veterans takes a back seat to such matters as well as ensuring all Illegal Aliens have adequate food, shelter and healthcare, something our own citizens may not receive, at times.

If you choose to use tobacco, be prepared to pay through the nose in taxes, allegedly being used to fund health programs related to their use. Never mind that tobacco remains a legal product and up until the time states decided to sue and rip off tobacco companies, they too invested their pension funds for State Workers in tobacco companies. (more on tobacco later) Does a prohibitive tax on tobacco sound fair when other addictive products, such as caffeine drinks, remain relatively untaxed? Does the state really have to pay so much in healthcare costs, when the majority of citizens have private healthcare insurance and when Federal Programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid pay over the half the expenses for uninsured citizens? Yet, in the tobacco settlements, the Federal Programs were refused even a smidgen of that lawsuit money for repayment of their expenses, by the States.

6. Tobacco Use. Okay, I do not defend tobacco use per se, but isn’t our freedom to decide for ourselves? Shouldn’t we be allowed to decide on our own if we wish to use it or not? Haven’t we been getting told for close to 40 years now that it is so bad for us? Yet, the tobacco industry is still legal and even the farmers have received subsidies from the government to help them turn a profit.

But, light up a smoke and many nearby start hacking and coughing when they aren’t even near the smoker. Smokers are banished outside, in some areas, and outright denied in others. Here in Washington State, later commercials feature restaurant and bar workers having to wear gas masks because of excessive smoke from tobacco. Last I heard, smoking isn’t allowed in them in the state, except for a very few and workers there are free to find another job anytime they choose, I would think. Yet, the anti-smoking cartel makes us believe all restaurants and bars in our state are plagued with evil smokers.

The real kicker to all this, is that at the same time, this same state is moving towards legalization of “medicinal marijuana.” Excuse me, but isn’t that also smoking? If passed, does that mean an office worker may partake of their “prescription” at will, sitting at their desk, while tobacco users are either denied or ushered outside and either hidden or banished to the cold and rain?

Want to worry about second hand smoke? What about second hand smoke from marijuana? While there are studies at odds on the effects of tobacco second hand smoke, it is common knowledge and supported by studies that there is an immediate effect of marijuana second hand smoke, something not found in tobacco smoke. All around you will share in your “high” when you partake of your “prescription.” It’s possible that they may also end up trying to operate machinery or a car (hopefully not an evil SUV) while sharing in your high and suffer dire consequences. As adamant as we all are about getting drunk drivers off the road, do we want “high” drivers operating a car also believing their reflexes are “enhanced” under marijuana?

7. Property Rights (again). Even if not faced with the legal theft of your property, under the guise of “eminent domain,” God help you if you decide you don’t want a renter if they are gay or a member of a Minority. Here again, the government may step in and force you to rent to such a person, even if their status of “minority” isn’t the reason you deny them. But, for sake of argument, what if it is? Isn’t it your property? Isn’t it your right to let whom you choose to use it? Would you really want to reside somewhere where the owner/landlord hates what you are?

8. Freedom To Raise Your Children As You Deem Appropriate. Think you really have that freedom still? Try disciplining your child or giving them Christian values you may have. Don’t expect help from public schools either, that is today’s seat of leftist indoctrination.

Want your son or daughter to remain a virgin beyond 11? Don’t count on it. Junior High School students now have access to free condoms and if the girl becomes pregnant, not to worry, the school will take her down for an abortion without your knowledge or consent. Don’t bother trying to teach her that sex comes with consequences, such as STDs or pregnancy, they are taught it’s alright and you are a stone age Neanderthal for feeling the way you do.

If you try to teach them strict values and enforce them at home, expect a visit from Child Protective Services over every little thing the child may mention against you at school. Never mind that your state may legally allow corporal punishment, you will be accused of “beating” a child if they are ever popped or swatted on the butt or hand. You can even receive the visit provided you don’t let the “little dears” watch whatever they wish on your television.

Ask them where they are going and when they’ll be home and you are invading their privacy and being repressive. Try to teach them responsibility by giving them household chores and you are making them slaves. Deny them what money they deem necessary and you are again denying them “basics.” Withhold a small amount of money from them teaching them responsibility and bank on a neighbor making sure they receive that money, since you are “unfair.”

But, let them cause or get into trouble while out “expressing their freedom of expression,” and you may be drawn into court as an “unfit parent,” and your household may now be watched under the scrutiny of some “family court,” if the children are not outright removed and placed into “safer” foster care.

9. Animals and Humans. Treat an animal like an animal and face charges of abuse. Complain about dogs being brought into stores and you get ridiculed, even if you are the unlucky one that either stepped in or slipped in the aisle of that store on some dogs shit.

Sorry people, but dogs are not human too. They are dogs. Even a dear pet may revert to instinct and end up harming a child or even an adult. Whenever they feel threatened, they strike out and bite, often hard. They do not reason and no, a small child, who you aren’t allowed to teach values to anyways, doesn’t realize the dog isn’t a toy, but is a live animal with instincts.

For those that like to spout that “heart attacks are Gods revenge for eating his animals,” may I refer you to the Bible, Genesis 9:3; “Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you; and as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything 4 Only you shall not eat flesh with its life, that is, its blood.” (RSV)

If you choose to not eat met, that’s your choice. But, just because I enjoy a good steak doesn’t make me evil, especially since God granted Noah and humans animals for food. To me, PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals, deal with it!

You want to tax my hamburgers to force me to stop eating them, good luck. Don’t be surprised that I end up demanding heavy taxation of your vegetables, also a living thing, if you haven’t heard. Not to worry about my paying that tax too, I’ll grow my own vegetables and eat them along with the animal I raise and slaughter for food. You know, like man used to do, not all that long ago?

10. Celebrating Christmas Publicly. I’m sorry, but just because Christmas is a long held, even if controversial, Christian holiday, we have been celebrating it for a long time. Ramadan, Kwanzaa, Hanukah, whatever, doesn’t take precedence over it in December. If you wish to celebrate those holidays and even put up a public display, go right ahead, doesn’t bother me. But I’ll be damned if you will prevent me from celebrating my holiday in a Christian nation, founded by Christian people on Christian principles.

Separation of Church and State is not written into our constitution, but is written into the constitution of the former Soviet Union. All the first amendment states is that government shall make no laws governing the establishment of free exercise of religion. Don’t passing laws and court cases decided in that light actually violate the words of the first amendment? Isn’t that “governing the free exercise of religion?”

For so many that claim to be “tolerant,” you are the most “intolerant” people I have seen of late. What, you can’t turn away from a display of the Ten Commandments or a nativity scene? Do you have to cry you are offended and deny thousands the enjoyment of a public holiday simply because you are too damned lazy to turn away and instead, cry you are offended? Sorry, but I find nowhere in our constitution or declaration of independence anything that grants you any special right to never be offended. Indeed, your actions and “tolerance” often offends me, but not being part of the looney left, I have no special right to never be offended. I guess the words found in the Declaration of Independence that we are all “Created Equal” don’t apply anymore.

Like I have said in other posts, it just doesn’t make sense anymore. Our society has been turned inside out by the left in their rush to enslave us in Socialism, a deadly form of government that has failed everywhere its been tried, due to removing the basic human desire to do better. No, it just doesn’t make any sense at all.

Many have complained about the Patriot Act infringing on freedoms, but before you cry about repealing it, maybe you need to take a long look at real freedoms lost over the last few decades. While the Patriot Act may grant authorities the privilege to check into private use of public computers and such, if adequate reason is shown a judge, it does not prevent me from exercising real freedoms that our country was established on. I too don’t like being subjected to searches at the airport or having my bags X-rayed, but if the alternative is to be inside of a high jacked aircraft being flown into a building filled with other people, I’ll choose the searches.

Then again, if people had been allowed to carry weapons of self defense, even a small caliber pistol, maybe those highjackers of 9-11 wouldn’t have been able to take over those aircraft with simple box cutters and kill nearly three thousand innocent people.

It’s time we stood together to protect the real freedoms we are losing and to retake the ones we have lost. All I can add in closing is “Lets Roll.”



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