Civil War – Again?

Are we embroiled in another Civil War in the US? Why would I even ask such a thing?


Let’s look at the verbal rhetoric abounding today.


We have Bill Bennett, a notable Conservative, accused of racism because he answered a hypothetical situation earlier in the week with a hypothetical situation, mentioning Blacks. The quote blasted all over the net is misstated, taken out of context and heavily edited by leaving out about 95% of what he said. Accidental? I don’t think so.


In the meantime, we have a former Ku Klux Klan member seated as a prominent Democrat Senator; we have a senior senator from Massachusetts stating Bush’s Federal Judge nominees are “Neanderthals.” Does it matter that many of them are minorities? No outcry.


We have another Democrat, a leader in their party, state that the only Black on the Supreme Court is an “embarrassment,” and “incapable of writing a legal brief.” Again, no outcry?


We have prominent Democrats bashing Bush over claims of extreme crimes, murders, rapes and looting, in New Orleans, which subsequently proves to be untrue. In their effort to bash Bush over the claims from N.O., does this not show a propensity of those Democrats to believe the Black race will and does commit crimes as this on a grand scale? Yet, Republicans are the racists?


Another Democrat, Charlie Rangle, states Bush is the equivalent of Bull Conner, a noted Democrat Sheriff that turned dogs and fire hoses on the Blacks in the South during the Civil Rights era. No President in history has elevated Blacks and Hispanics to such positions within his administration than Bush has, yet, once again, no outcry.


The former Ku Klux Klan member Senator still seated in the Senate claims to have recanted his views held long ago while Kleagle (recruiter) of the Klan and eventually the Exalted Cyclops. In a recent book, his autobiography, he says of the people within that Klan, "a fraternal group of elites – doctors, lawyers, clergy, judges and other ‘upstanding’ people." [who] “At no time did he hear his fellow Klansman preach violence against blacks, Jews or Catholics.” If this is so, why does he recant his youthful membership today?


Not too long ago, we also had another powerful Democrat Senator compare our troops currently fighting in a war on terror to, “Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime — Pol Pot or others — that had no concern for human beings.” This one did receive a small outcry from the left, leading this Senator to apologize for his words being “misinterpreted.”


During the 2004 Presidential Campaign, we had Democrats routinely claiming that President Bush wanted to reinstate the Military Draft, forcing young men to once again serve in the Military against their will. A bill before Congress was even cited as evidence of such. What they failed to mention, though, was that two Democrat Representatives, Rep Rangle and Rep. Conyers presented the bill. The bill failed, being voted down by Republicans, but somehow, it was Bush that was trying to reinstate the draft.


The recent natural disasters to hit our country have been almost totally blamed on President Bush. They must feel he has the power of God. He was blamed for a slow response in New Orleans, when it is always the responsibility of the state and local governments to be first responders, not the Federal Government. They received a pass, Bush was castigated.


Cindy Sheehan accuses him of murdering her son, Casey, a real American Hero. She holds no animosity towards whoever it was that actually shot her son, but refers to him as a “freedom fighter.” That he was a 3-time volunteer doesn’t enter the picture, just that Bush “murdered” him.


It doesn’t matter what our President does, he never gets a decent word said about him in any of the leftstream media. Surely, he isn’t capable of being all-evil, as portrayed.


With the rabid rhetoric coming from the Socialist Democrats, in their efforts to reclaim political power, our country has moved closer and closer to a Civil War. In fact, we are currently in such a Civil War, but verbally, at this time.


If you hold Conservative values, you are ridiculed by the left, called Neo-Cons, and accused of being “divisive.” If you want to raise your children with old fashioned Conservative values, Public Schools will teach them better, warning the children that you may not discipline them. If you do, expect a visit from Child Protective Services and possible loss of your children. Teach them sex before marriage is wrong, you are accused of violating Separation of Church and State, a phrase not found within our Constitution, but found with the Constitution of the former Soviet Union.


Should your child fail to embrace your values and follow the public schools and end up pregnant, they fight for the right to take your underage daughter for an abortion, without your knowledge or consent. This from the same people who cannot dispense her an aspirin if she were to have menstrual cramps. If your child breaks a law, however, it is you they hold responsible for failing to raise them properly.


Yes, as I see it, we are definitely in a Civil War. A war of values and lifestyles. One need not be religious to see the advantage of values that have held our country strong for two centuries. Yes, there have been mistakes along the way and wrongdoing. But, our Founding Fathers gave us a method of correcting these as they are discovered. In the attempts to make corrections, the Socialist left has grasped a method to destroy the very fabric of our civilization and bring our country to it’s knees, returning us to the very system out Forefathers fought to win us freedom from. To those on the left, they feel certain they will remain as the elites and not have to subject themselves to the same Socialist governing they would subject us to. We would work and pay their way and they would be the ruling elite, not unlike the Communist party rule over the failed former Soviet Union.


What they are not counting on is groups like Al Qaeda, who many of them support today. Al Qaeda isn’t a Communist group given to allowing Socialist elites to sit back and live off the labors of others. They plan to institute a strict twisted version of Islamic law on everyone. It will be submission, or death.  These radical fringe Muslims even hate other Muslims who practice the actual peaceful religion of Islam and would murder them to gain submission, as they have been doing for some time now.


This is the Civil War we are in today. The left has blinded themselves to what lies ahead, should they win. The constant anti-Bush, anti-Republican, anti-Conservative and yes, anti-American drone spewing from the left they feel will return their power base. Their anything goes, except Christian and Conservative values, rhetoric will ultimately be the downfall of a once great nation that started the quest for the word to be free of tyrants like them.


We cannot let them win this war and I pray that it never becomes another bloody shooting war, like in the 1860s.




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