Sheehan Arrested

It would appear that grandstanding war protestor Cindy Sheehan finally got her wish and has been arrested, even if for a misdemeanor. Apparently, she and her willing band of useful idiots sat down on the walk in front of the White House and refused to move on when instructed to by Police. Left with no choice, they arrested her, handcuffed her and drove her off to the pokey, to chants of, "The Whole World Is Watching."
Let’s face it, she has wanted this ever since she became the Witch in the Ditch. I’m waiting for the leftstream media to run headlines stating, "GREIVING MOTHER ARRESTED BY BUSH!"
Personally, I think the others arrested with her should have been booked and Cindy should have been left sitting on the walk, pigeons shitting on her and all. Like the protesters of the 60s, they seek arrest to make headlines and keep their cause in front of the public and draw sympathy.
The new darling of the blame America first Stalinists apparently has a history of activism and by her own words, was opposed to this war, actually stating she holds no animosity towards whoever the "freedom fighter" was that actually shot her son. (Freedom fighter is her words, not mine.)
Sorry all, but this woman is a phoney. While she most likely was hurt by her sons death and has grieved, she holds no more Moral Authority because of it than the overwhelming majority of other parents who have lost offsping this war and support the war and President Bush. For some odd reason, though, our leftstream media gives them no voice.
Accoding to neighbors, she was supportive of the war and President Bush, until she was recruited by John "F"in Kerry for his failed campaign last year. She was flown around the country as a paid campaigner and since the campaign failed, has now taken the stance of the left’s premier peacenik and grieving Mom. I wonder why she is the only parent who has lost a child to this war that we ever hear of?
So, she got herself arrested and judging by the grin on her face as they carried her off, is quite pleased with herself for it. Sadly, all she is doing is trampling on her hero sons grave. This isn’t about Casey, never was. It’s all about Cindy Sheehan. She has distanced herself from her own family, seeking instead the notoriety of a celebrity and writing off her other 3 children. Her husband of 28 years and Casey’s father is divorcing her over this.
What this pitiful willing tool of the left has thrown away for 15 minutes of fame. I can only hope she wakes up soon and sees just how she is dishonoring a true American Hero, her Son, Casey Sheehan.

5 Responses to “Sheehan Arrested”

  1. LEW Says:

    Well, the Witch from the Ditch has posted an article on Huffignton\’s Blog addressing her arrest today. Among the funnier crap she says;"We all know by now why George won\’t meet with parents of the soldiers he has killed who disagree with him." (Uh, he already met with the Witch and several others, has he not?)"Secondly, he is a coward who arrogantly refuses to meet with the people who pay his salary." (I believe Bush ahs met with more citizens one on one than any other President I can remember)"The fine for "demonstrating without a permit" is $75.00. I am certain that I won\’t pay it." (Hopefully, she will set her skanky butt in jail until she does pay her fine. What gives this witch special privilege over several otehrs who lost offspring and support the efforts in Iraq?)

  2. Liz Says:

    Sheehan is a fraud. I am throughly disgusted that our media would give this woman play. But then what does the MSM care about credibility, honesty, integrity, and character?It does not surprise me that she did not raise her son. Apprently she has mental issues imho and that is why the ex-husband had to step in to raise his son.This also explains why Casey obviously had integrity, character, and morals. It comes from his father\’s up bringing. God forbid what he would have turned into if that withch was left to raise him.Kudos to Casey\’s Dad and an obviously good step-mother.Cindy…..go dig a ditch.doll

  3. Liz Says:

    Just one more point that I cannot get out of my mind. It was Sheehan\’s smile. I do not think [a]nyone missed that hideous smile. I am convinced now, more than ever before, that she is definately beyond being a looney tune, perhaps more like a person with psyhcosis and a narcisist personality. That smile was most definately out of place.

  4. LEW Says:

    Had August not been such a slow news month, I doubt she would have gotten the coverage she did. As it is, she is a manufactured news item that will be totally lost once her extended 15 minutes of fame are over.

  5. LEW Says:

    Joshua, sorry, I hate saying anything defensive of her, but Casey was not raised by a step-mom. Thankfully, he seemed to have learned true values, obviously not from her, though.

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