Conservative vs Liberal

How do I explain the differences?

As far as I’m concerned, Conservatives live their lives quietly, clinging to tried and true values for themselves mostly.

They look about and see the debauchery abounding, but still cling to their values while trying to avoid the crap from the left, much as they can.

It doesn’t bother us if lefties send their whole paycheck to the government for taxes.

We don’t really care if they wallow in drugs, as long as they leave us alone. We don’t care if someone is Gay or not, just keep your lifestyle choice to yourself.

We cry over aborted babies, but most avoid the clinics and try to instill in our children belief in reponsibility and abstinence to avoid the need for abortion.

It doesn’t bother us if you drive a gas guzzler or an economical tin box that won’t reach freeway speed, we just drive around you.

If you wish to cut down a tree or build a house, we will offer to help you and maybe even accept some firewood for our fireplaces.

If there is a law on the books we disagree with, we work within the system to repeal it. Marching in the street or civil disobedience doesn’t enter our mind. In the meantime, we obey that law.

Liberals, on the other hand, aren’t satisfied with living their life as they see fit. We must live our lives as they see fit also.

If we don’t approve of abortion, they will just take our daughters without our wishes for one, if she were to not heed our advice.

If we try to instill values in our children, they simply send CPS to let us know we are abusive and may lose our children.

If we want to build a house or cut down a tree, expect some moron to trespass and chain himself to that tree because some minute ridiculous bug may live in that tree.

All of us must drive some economical tin box that is unsafe at any speed, no one else is allowed to be successful, according to them. Either that, or ride a bicycle.

If we don’t approve of homosexuality, rest assured they will do their best to take our property from us to give to the Gay person, simply because we don’t share their ridiculous lifestyle choice.

Simply, Conservatives life, work hard and try to just survive. Liberals, live to make others work for them, taking our hard earned dollars for themselves and other lazy bastards and force us to adhere to their lifestyle and choices.

The choice is simple, to me. I’ll continue being a Conservative until the day I die and fight the Liberal lunacy everywhere I’m able.


2 Responses to “Conservative vs Liberal”

  1. John Says:

    I would like to point out one major belief I have between the two. Just how much government control there should be. Conservatives feel that the government should not regulate business as much, should raise armies for protection, and allow states to regulate themselves (Capitalism). Liberals, want major governmental control to help the poor, heavy regulation of business\’, and major social control (Socialism). If I\’m incorrect about this please let me know.

  2. LEW Says:

    I can\’t say you\’re wrong, that\’s pretty close to how I feel. Of course, some of the Republicans in government today are making me wonder.

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