All Things Right introduction

As my first entry, I think an initroduction is in order. My name is Lew Waters, also known as DakotaRed in some places. No, I don’t have red hair or anything like that, I own and drive a Flame Red Dodge Dakota that I intend to drive until the wheels fall off or I get too old to drive, whichever occurs first.
I consider myself a Republican, for right now. First off, I am a conservative and as I see more and more Republican Congressmen and women and Senators turn towards the mental disorder of Liberalism, I may be searching for a more representative party soon, possibly the Veterans Party.
For the most part, I support President Bush, although I feel he too could be more conservative in areas like spending and border control. Still, he stands heads above what the Democrats offered.
I personally feel Senator Kerry is a traitor and political opportunist. I worked with many others to see him defeated in the 2004 elections and if he tries to run again, I will work as hard as I can against him. In fact, I will work against any candidate that is a Liberal.
I do not think Liberals are Patriots wishing for a better America. I see them as misled sheeple seeking to make America over into the Union of Socialist States of America, a carbon copy of the failed Soviet Union.
I do not have any particular inside information on matters, but am blessed with a lot of common sense. I believe there is a superior being of some sort we call God. I do not adhere to any particular religious view as I see all religions as man made. For the most part, I trust the Bible, providing it has been properly translated and without a particular bias of the translators personal beliefs. I’m not interested in debating religion, each is entitled to their own.
With this space, I intened to post supportive views of President Bush, unless I disagree with him on something. You can also expect comments against liberalism and it’s supporters. I will also post supportive views of the War on Terror, including the War in Iraq. I am a Viet Nam Veteran and fully support our military. Other than giving me a perspective on war that most don’t have, being a Veteran grants me no more rights than anyone else has.
I welcome respectful discussion.

2 Responses to “All Things Right introduction”

  1. Liz Says:

    You go Lew! I am looking forward to your rants! You have my support. You are one of the most decent cyber friends I have been blessed to come along. With your common sense approach and subtle wisdom you just may enlighten a liberal. You never know, and I am hopeful!

  2. LEW Says:

    Thank you, Joshua. I hope my rants do open some eyes and help save our country.

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